Lending & Synthetic Assets

Synthetic multi-currency protocol build on top of the General lending protocol

These docs are a comprehensive guide to the dForce Lending & Synthetic Assets Protocol, the codebase is hosted on Github.

General Lending Protocol

The general lending protocol is a pool-based lending protocol that supports multi-sided transactions (supply any supported assets to earn supply interests and act as collateral as well, then borrow any assets if you can satisfy the collateral ratio, otherwise the position could be liquidated), this is the most abstract and generalized form of a lending protocol similar with the popular protocols.

Lending & Synthetic Protocol

Combination of General Lending, native Stablecoin and Synthetic Asset Protocol to capture unlimited input capacity and output synthetic capacity.

How to integrate with dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol?

Go to the separated content if you want to integrate the protocol. More examples and comprehensive descriptions will come later.

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